Traditional Musical Instruments Bring People to IIITF

People are very fond of flutes and traditional musical instruments like Banam. Banam is like a violin, in the Jharkhand pavilion of the India International Trade Fair. It is sold on the stand of the Kala Mandir Saksham SHG Federation.

Durga Prasad teaches people who come to the booth playing Hansda Banam. According to Prasad, Banam is a musical instrument from Jharkhand, which is often played by the tribes of Santhal.

“It is a very ancient and sacred musical instrument. It also has religious significance among the tribes. On Magha Purnima, Banam is worshiped as the goddess of learning. It is made of wood, leather and horsehair. Traditional and classical melodies can be extracted from it. At the fair, the small Banam is sold for Rs 1500 and the large Banam for Rs 2500 per piece. At the same time, Jharkhand’s flute is also highly regarded at the fair, with the flute being sold for 250 rupees, ”Prasad said.

Speaking of other products at this booth, Prasad informed that Jharkhand art, Dokra art, terracotta products and Payatkar painting appeal to people. “Dokra Art is a special metal craft from Jharkhand, decorative items are made there. It also includes idols of deities. Dokra Art is made by Brass using traditional techniques. It is an age-old custom of the nomadic Malhor and Ranas of Bendh (OBC) in East Singhbhum, Jharkhand who kept this classic craft alive. It is the only means of subsistence for these artisans, ”he added.

The artist and teacher said that the whole community is involved at different levels of the production system to create ethnic style and exquisite artwork designs. It takes 21 days to make a product. “The sale of this tribal handicraft helps to preserve the heritage and improve the livelihoods of the craftsmen. The price of the sculptures and decorative objects of Dokra Art in the fair varies from Rs 450 to Rs 3000. While speaking of terracotta products, his necklace, his bottle of water, his handi and others are sold, ”he said. -he adds.

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