Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ wants to turn guitar lessons into a subscription service

Ubisoft recently launched a subscription service, Blacksmith+, which attempts to turn the playful guitar learning program into a monthly paid service – providing fans with an ever-evolving learning platform for lessons, workshops and learning tools wrapped in a format of video game. The new service was supposed to come out last year, just a few months after Blacksmith+ unveiled at E3 2021, but now it’s finally here.

Black-smith is like Guitar Hero in that it offers fun gameplay while listening to music, but unlike Guitar Hero, Ubisoft’s title hopes to teach players real-world guitar and bass skills. It offers comprehensive lessons and songs for players to join in on real instruments while learning from on-screen tools and guidance. In Blacksmith+players can play over 5,000 songs from a library of rock, pop, hip hop, country, Latin and R&B songs, and according to a trailer debuting at the Ubisoft Forward event today, more are to come.


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Ubisoft wants Rocksmith+ to be widely available

Players can take their real acoustic, electric or bass guitars and connect them to Blacksmith+ with the proprietary Real Tone USB cable, which uses a 1/4″ jack for a reliable connection and offers effects modeling and virtual tones. However, it costs an additional $29.99, so alternative players will be able to use the Rocksmith+ wirelessly Connect the mobile app to connect to an amp that records audio for gaming Several third-party audio interfaces can also be used to connect guitars to PC gaming, although support is not guarantee.

Whichever option the player uses, the game recognizes played tones and inserts them into a timeline where personalized feedback can reinforce gameplay and teach new tips and tricks. With this feature, the game analyzes the player’s performance and provides suggestions for songs and exercises to practice, while tools like Riff Repeater and Adaptive Difficulty allow for a faster and more comfortable learning process. At this point, Ubisoft has not added the requested functionality to create fully original songs in-game. However, the new Rocksmith Workshop allows players to create and share content by adding arrangements from the song library .

A subscription to Rocksmith+ grants access to an updated toolset, and to this day, you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive DLCs or microtransactions. An expanding music library is also included with the service, meaning genre or artist specific packages are not required. The interface is an updated version of the original game’s UI from 2014, providing all the elements needed to play along with the song and get feedback.

Creating a subscription service with this concept is a smart move for Ubisoft, as every guitarist would recognize that learning the craft is a journey of a lifetime. Financially, this is going to be invaluable in keeping subscribers hooked. Blacksmith+ is available for $14.99 with a monthly subscription (or $39.99 for three months, $99.99 for one year). The companion app, Rocksmith+ Connect, will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play in the near future, with pre-registration available on Google Play. However, Ubisoft has already released a free Rocksmith + Connect Tuner app for both storefronts. For those who previously owned Black-smith 2014, Ubisoft offers an additional month on three-month subscriptions and three additional months on a 12-month subscription.

Blacksmith+ is now available on PC, and is in development for Mobile.

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