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OK, I’ll get used to it: I partied over the Halloween long weekend and I’m definitely behind the count right now, dear reader. Plus, I’ve taken a few L’s in the privacy department, and while I’ve found ways to strengthen my stiff upper lip lately, I’m currently paying for it on the backend. Luckily, I have lots of lovely friends who happily drove me around while I arranged my private degradation. Anyway, I titled this week’s article after a favorite Pixies song because: a) it rocks; b) there is a wave of pretty decent events you can participate in; and c) I’m feeling really gross right now, I’m ready, as Black Francis sings, to “kiss mermaids and ride El Niño. Walk the sand with the shellfish.” The only way out of one of these cycles is through it, so please wish me luck as I head into November listening to my favorite songs and taking chilly walks on the beach. .



New location alert. Well, new to this column, anyway. Humboldt Bay Provisions is having a comedy night tonight at 6:30 p.m. and $5 will get you in. The event will last an hour and a half, which is either fair or excruciating, depending on the quality of the acts, which I am told could be a bit ribald. Only one way to find out.


Kanekoa is a ukulele jam band from Maui. Normally I don’t like jam bands very much, except for a few Gov’t Mule songs, because they’re heavy enough to satisfy my tastes. However, I am drawn to the beauty of the tropics at this time of year, and having a beloved Hawaiian family that has married into my lifetime, I will give this show the green light. Humbrews is the place to be, 8pm is on time and if you don’t buy your tickets in advance for $20 expect to pay an extra $5 at the door.


It’s the action-packed night of the week, so I’m going to suggest two separate shows, both of which look really good and are within spitting distance of each other (but don’t do that, there is still a pandemic on ). At the Morris Graves at 6 p.m. I was told by my email correspondent friend John Dillon that his band Impenetrable Rabbit will play a set of mostly original tunes, which, given that the rest of the lineup is packed with considerable local veteran talent, should be good and, as this is Arts Alive, free for all comers.

Later at 9:30 p.m., the Shanty welcomes Money & Nails and my one of my absolute favorite local bands, black plate will also hold court in the corner of the strip near the entrance. This one is free too, my friends


Martin Sexton, self-taught singer-songwriter and musician Piscean, with a DIY career dating back to the ’80s, comes to the Arcata Theater lounge to roost for the night at 7 p.m. ($30 seated, $35 standing). Do you like soulful vocals rather than plaintive songs about love and hardship? Yes, you do. Come down.


I don’t usually like to write about sold out shows but this one still has meet tickets available so I have a feeling if you show up you might be able to get a general admission ticket . Otherwise, mea culpa. Andrew Callaghan is the comedian behind Channel Five’s hilarious YouTube phenomenon, in which our protagonist dons a costume and, armed with nothing but a camera and microphone, wades through terrible places (Trump rallies, meetings QAnon, anti-mask protests) to interview some of the shining stars and everyday people in our current American intellectual discourse. He’ll be at the Arcata Theater Lounge tonight at 7 p.m., and while I hope there are still general early-bird tickets available, expect to shell out upwards of $75 for meet and greet.


jeffrey lewis is the spiritual successor to all the best things New York rock and roll has to offer. From Lou Reed to the Ramones, this guy channels the screaming ghosts of the Big Apple. He’s playing at the Miniplex tonight, with his band Voltage. Local support will be offered by the excellent act Los Perdidos and Insects on the branchwhich I know nothing about but am happy to learn at 8 p.m. ($12, $10 upfront).


Austin, Texas was a haven for live music about 10 years ago, before the whole country was gentrified and venture capitalists decided to make our lives constantly terrible. Of this pink stew Urban heat, a post-punk trio that plays it heavy and sincere. At 7 p.m., the band will take the stage at the Arcata Theater Lounge, and if you haven’t picked up the fast-evaporating $15 tickets in advance, expect to pay $20 at the door.

Collin Yeo (he/him) much prefers physical pain to heartbreak, but has discovered that with the right formula, you can hit a trifecta with a hangover. He lives in Arcata, where he is recovering.

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