What is the best tool for learning?

Are you looking for a career in music? You will not regret it !

Working as an artist brings unparalleled joy and fulfillment in your life. There is only one problem: you are not planning an instrument yet.

The good news is that learning to play an instrument is easy if you have the passion and motivation to become a musician. There are, however, some instruments that you should learn as they are more likely to make you more money in the long run. Because as much fun as being a bassoonist, there just isn’t a huge market for bassoonists.

So which instrument should you learn to play if you want to make a career in music? Read on to find out.

Keyboard / Piano

You knew this one would be on the list. There is no instrument more versatile or more in demand as a keyboard or piano player. Not only could you be chosen by an Elton John cover band, but if times are really tough, you can find work as an accompanist for a choir or as a music teacher for vocal lessons.

Not to mention that there are keyboardist jobs in orchestras all over the world if you are good enough! Learning to play the piano is not the easiest, and it will be a journey to be successful. Indeed, it takes a lot of dexterity to play the piano and you will have to spend hours practicing.

You’ll also need to learn to read sheet music to play this popular instrument and likely take a few piano lessons along the way. But once you have a good foundation, the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn with a lot of practice.


Of course, this monumental instrument makes the list too, after all, where would your average band be without a guitarist? Although electronic music is increasingly popular in clubs, there is still a lot of work for an acoustic guitarist, from solo concerts in jazz bars to the accompaniment of a traveling band.

Plus, learning guitar as a first instrument gives you the skills to upgrade to a myriad of similar instruments and play almost any style of music. You can easily pick up the ukulele, electric guitar, banjo, and even bass guitar. You may just need to take a few music lessons to find your balance.

Like the piano, the guitar is another easy instrument to learn on your own using Youtube or other tutorials after learning basic music theory. And if you have mastered the guitar, you will rarely find yourself an unemployed musician as guitarists seem to be in constant demand!


After guitar and piano, drums are the third most popular instrument for professional jobs. It is not uncommon for an emerging band to have a singer and a guitarist but are looking for a drummer.

One of the reasons drummers are in such demand is that the start-up costs of becoming a drum learner can be high. Drum kits don’t come cheap, and learning the drums doesn’t just require reading sheet music, but also creativity, motor skills, and a healthy dose of skill to keep up.

Think you have an affinity for drums? Then you should learn how to play them because they are not only perfect for a musical career, but some of the most recognizable musicians of all time only got to where they are today thanks to their drummers.

Plus, if the performing career isn’t working, recording studios are always looking for percussionists, so you’ll never go hungry. Percussionists can also be very versatile, switching to instruments like bongos for a song, before returning to their drum kit. So if you want to learn a wide range of instruments, the drums are a great place to start.


Now you are probably wondering how this instrument made this list because the harp is not a popular instrument to play. But that’s what makes it a perfect instrument. There is a great demand for harp players for events such as balls, galas and weddings, and the number of harpists to choose from is quite small.

Established harpists can charge high fees for their services due to their rarity, which means you could win thousands of dollars for an event that only lasts one afternoon. Before you start booking music lessons for the harp, be aware that while it is a great instrument to learn and one of the easiest instruments for beginners to play, you will need a large vehicle, and a few thousand dollars to buy it and the basket around your harp.

Besides the monetary benefits, the harp offers several benefits that you cannot find when playing the trumpet, flute, clarinet, or saxophone, and that is, the harp sounds amazing on its own. You can easily record your own music without having to search for a band if you can sing along and provide your own voice. However, when times get tough, there will always be a place for you in an orchestra somewhere in the world.

What to do before learning an instrument

This article probably makes you want to start your career in music! But hold your horses just a moment because there are a few things you should do before you drop a few thousand dollars on an instrument.

  1. Decide what kind of music you want to play

First of all, a career in music is going to be horrible if you learn to play guitar but hate rock music. You have to learn an instrument whose music you like to listen to.

This means that if you like classical music, you should choose the violin, cello, or other stringed instrument. And if you enjoy jazz music, the trumpet, saxophone, or other woodwind instrument may be the way to go for you, although these instruments aren’t as easy to learn (or as in demand) as those on this list.

2. Learn music theory

Whatever instrument you end up playing, you will need to know basic music theory. This means that you have to learn to read sheet music, and you should ideally do so before picking up a musical instrument. It will save you time in the long run and make learning music much easier.

3. Sometimes Unique is the way to go

While this list contains the four most versatile and demanded musical instruments in today’s market, that doesn’t mean they aren’t the only instruments in demand. If you want to learn how to play the French horn, trombone, soprano saxophone or harmonica, go ahead, because passion is the most important part of learning an instrument. Plus, you never know when you might find this band looking for an amazing French horn player.

All in all, if you want a career in music, there is no time like the present to start! So do a little research and see if there is a music store where you can try out any of these great instruments. Then, once you’ve decided which one you’re going to go with, book some music lessons.

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