Who is this “hot” celebrity that you have never found attractive?

Celebrities are demigods, revered on and off screen. There are so many celebrities who are considered hot but only really get ranked by one stratum of society.
This week on WhatsApp Conversation, we take a look at which celebrities are considered hot.

Tosin Awoniyi

Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest celebrities that I personally never find attractive. The reason is that. I never understand the hype surrounding it. She has an unattractive face. Whenever she dresses up, her features are fake and she generally looks like a doll. Her body shape is noticeably unnatural, and all of those surgeries that she performed years ago and still do have become disproportionate. Finally, for all her riches, she looks trashy in almost everything she wears.

Bolarinwa melody

I’m not drawn to men, but I don’t understand how anyone likes Russell Brand. He looks like a designer dog with all the inbred caricatures of technically appealing features. As Weird Al received the Handsome Squidward treatment. it looks like it smells awful too, but that’s pure speculation.

Amos Oni

Benedict Cumberbatch – I understand people like the voice. I also like him, at least, in Dr Strange. But that’s about how far it goes. He is not sexy or too macho as it is claimed. It’s a combination of talent, magnetic eyes, a voice like a jaguar crouching in a cello, and it’s an adorable blunder in real life. Objectively not hot, but all of these things combined can make the weird hot. For those weird people whose tastes and tastes of hot things tend to lean toward the odd rather than what’s seen as conventionally attractive, they might just find it appealing. But for me? Definitely not!

Victor Akanji

CARDI B, CARDI B, DEAR GOD! CARDI B. I can’t even understand how she became a celebrity in the first place. She’s supposed to be a rapper, but anyone who understands the basics of music will know that she’s not half a rapper. And his eyes, holy smoke. I wish I could meet her wardrobe master just to say a word to her.

David Alabi

Kylie Jenner. She ruined her face. Hope the lip fillers and crazy face makeup go out of style. The “natural” look is so much prettier in my opinion. The lip filling is so disgusting. It’s super noticeable too. You don’t look prettier, you don’t seem to have “full” lips; you look swollen or like you’ve missed plastic surgery or something. One of the girls from live-action Cowboy Bebop suffers from it and that’s all I can think of when she’s onscreen.

Philippe Azi

It will be a shock but yes Bolanle Ninalowo is for me. I know he’s all built up and stuff, but that doesn’t count as attractive to me. Maybe it’s the characters he’s playing, maybe it’s the macho vibes he’s trying so hard to put out; there is just something about him that turns me off. I do my best not to cringe when other people say how cool and chic he is. Maybe my idea of ​​cool is against the grain.

Kelvin Odulami

Burna boy

His music is good and what he has done for the afrobeats undoubtedly deserves a title of knight and honor as a member of the Order of Niger, but in terms of personality, arrogance and pride. that he brings to music doesn’t hurt him. lots of services. Could be better every step of the way without the arrogant outlook.

Babatunde Adekanmbi

MI Abaga is known to be a Nigerian singer-songwriter who has covered the music industry for over a decade. I mean in the days of 2baba, Plantashun Boyz. But I don’t like his style of music, although a quintessential rapper but I have a hard time getting along with the sound of his music. I think he should try as much as possible to better understand with the audience what he would like to hear from him. The majority of these artists are doing commercials to create more publicity for their songs and that is why upcoming artists sometimes have a hard time surfacing. MI Abaga is good but should do more market research.

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