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Wild Pink will perform around 7pm today at Jamestown Skate Products, 209 Pine St. Photo submitted

You never thought a band would get its name from a trip to the grocery store.

This is exactly what happened with the band Wild Pink.

According to the group’s founder, John Ross, he was out shopping one day and saw a can of wild prawns. The name just stuck.

What started as a way to write songs for Ross turned into a full-time gig. Since 2014 he has been writing songs for the group. It draws inspiration from everyday things, he says. Ross sings and plays guitar.

“I think nature and the outdoors are probably important. I mean, our everyday life too, “ He noted. “There are a lot of images of nature.”

Ross said he would demo it in his home studio and then pitch the song to the rest of the band.

“I demonstrate everything at home. I flesh out drums and bass (guitar). I give it to the band and they kind of take ownership of it. he said. Ross added that flexibility is what gives music its authenticity.

“It’s a huge part of our sound – what they do with the song and the demos”, he said.

He said he uses Apple’s Logic Pro X to record demos. Then he makes an mp3, and distributes it to the rest of the band members. He lives in Redhook while the bassist and drummer are based in Buffalo, so the rest of the band will get together before a tour and further refine the songs, he said.

“I try to spend a lot of time getting into each song. You know, I like not being a perfectionist, but when I write a song, I really live it for a while. So by the time it’s recorded, hopefully I can kind of support it after the fact. said Ross.

Wild Pink will perform around 7pm today at Jamestown Skate Products, 209 Pine St. The band are currently touring in support of their new release. “ILYSM.” Also performing tonight is a New York-based Trace Mountains. Throughout November, the band will be touring Europe.

For more information on the tour and the band’s music, go to www.wildpinkmusic.com.

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