ZAKK WYLDE says he’s ‘shocked’ to star alongside ERIC CLAPTON, JEFF BECK and TONY IOMMI on OZZY OSBOURNE’s new album – ‘It Came Out Awesome’

Continuing his long association with Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde features on the singer’s next album, alongside three legends in Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi.

When asked if he was blown away when he found out he’d be playing alongside Clapton, Beck and Iommi, Zakk told Guitar World: “Yeah! I was shocked when I heard that was happening and even more so when I heard what they were playing. They had already recorded their parts so I ended up re-recording rhythm tracks under what they had done in my home studio.

“With Eric, he went from John Mayall and Cream to his solo stuff, and it was always in good taste. The same goes for Jeff Beck. The whammy bar is a big part of his sound – he almost treats it like his own instrument, which is amazing. Both of them are amazing songwriters. That’s why we listen to them. It’s all about the musicianship with these guys.

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A guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith revealed he’s also playing on Osbourne’s upcoming album, reprising his role from 2020’s Ordinary Man record. He also names some of the others musicians who are to appear on the album. Check out the interview below.

Smith: “We have Robert Trujillo (Metallica) playing on some songs, who’s been in Ozzy’s band. Duff (McKagan/Guns N’ Roses) on a couple more. Tony Iommi and Ozzy have never collaborated outside from Black Sabbath; Tony sent us a bunch of riffs and we took what we thought was the best of them, which was awesome. So Andy (Watt/guitars, producer) on bass is doing great well. you would like. Ozzy loves it.

Then Eric Clapton plays a fucking Cream wah-wah type solo. Next, Jeff Beck is on two songs. Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) on a track. Josh Homme, my neighbor from Queens Of The Stone Age, does solos on one track, and then Zakk Wylde is also on the record, all over the place. So it’s like you’re a guitarist…pretty good.”

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